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Developing HEALTH CARE leaders

Haiti has long faced a lack of educational and advanced training opportunities to develop the doctors, nurses and medical technicians needed in a sustainable health care system. Following the 2010 earthquake, this void increased due to the collapse of several of Haiti’s medical schools. Since our founding, Project Medishare has been committed to building a sustainable health care system in Haiti through a “train the trainer” model. In collaboration with medical volunteers and university partners, we provide Haitian healthcare leaders with mentoring, didactic sessions, and on-the-job and bedside patient care training. We also provide specialized training across a variety of areas such as ultra sound training and pediatrics.

Boulé Training and Education Center

The Boulé Training and Education Center at Hospital Bernard Mevs is an 11,000 square foot facility built by Project Medishare in 2012 with the support of the Boulé Foundation. The facility features classrooms and auditoriums where Haitian residents, physicians, nurses and allied healthcare providers receive formal, curriculum-based training. The center reflects Project Medishare’s commitment to local capacity building.


Over the last year, more than 200 training sessions across a variety of specialties have been held at the Boulé Training and Education Center, including ophthalmology, radiololgy, laboratory, ultrasound, pediatrics, critical care, surgery and trauma.


The center’s reputation for providing high quality, specialized training has attracted the attention of other health-based organizations in Haiti, providing important training opportunities to even more local healthcare professionals.

Pediatric Residency

In a country with nearly 4 million children, Haiti only has 400 pediatricians. We’re training pediatricians to ensure children receive the care they need.

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Specialty Surgery

Life-altering surgeries for children and adults suffering from conditions like hydrocephalous and cleft palate.

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Spinal Cord

Since the January 12, 2010 earthquake, more than 9,000 medical professionals have volunteered with us in Haiti.

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Medical Volunteers

Medical professionals can volunteer for a week or more, caring for patients, training Haitian staff, and experiencing once-in-a-lifetime professional growth.

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University Partnerships

Groups of doctors, nurses, and medical and public health students work with our staff in rural Haiti, conducting home visits, mobile clinics and rally posts.

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